level 6: Maze and Gauntlet

The Maze was meant to be annoying, as was the final room. (^_^)

level 12: Maniature

I got a 6.

level 13: Can I Have a Clone

The walls of gliders do move into the fire.

level 14: Security Breach 1

The balls are very hard to deflect.

level 17: Impossible 7

My sister discovered a bug involving fire under a fake wall can be stepped on.

level 22: Off to War!

The level is shaped like a tank.

level 23: Escape from high Security


level 27: War part 2:Bug Infestation

This is the worst level so far in this set!

level 37: Pest Control

I had no ideas when I made this and level 36.

level 43: Tricky Tricky

Easy Easy!

level 44: Lucky Clover

Yes, the timer will shrink. if you do perfect boosting a 7 may be possible...

level 45: Are you nuts!?!?

No, I am not.

level 49: Gone in 60 Seconds

33 is my record. I think it is unbeatable.

level 53: Blob Run

All of the __ Run levels I have optimized.

level 59: War Part 11:The Final Fight Against Everything the Monsters can Throw at You.

Yes, there are extra chips.

level 65: Security Breach 3

It is okay if 2, 4, or 6 balls make it through.

level 66: KNOT 2

Harder than the original!

level 67: Running with the Balls

Just run through the level.

level 69: You Win!!!


level 74: Ripoff 1

I am sorry for ripping someone's level off, for this and the next four.

level 81: Christmas with the teeth

I like teeth!

level 85: No time

Based on the level Interlude

level 88: Escape the ship!

This is the best level that I have built yet!

level 100: Waterlou


level 111: Mega Chip

I must rally have been out of ideas.

level 113: Evil

EVIL is correct.

level 114: Shifty

The teleports are supposed to reset you.

level 119: Graph it

The busted solution was an accident.

level 124: Crazy 1

There is no Crazy 2.

level 125: SOCCER

Hard, but fun.

level 126: SOCCER 2

Just plain hard!

level 127: Blobtrap

Annoying, I know.

level 129: Mega Bomb

I took over 15 minutes to beat this level, and I don't mean to play it anymore!

level 131: Portrait of a _____


level 141: Chaos in the small

The left side is faster.

level 142: Enemy ladder

Blob levels are extremely annoying.

level 146: Cake Walk

Unlike CC1 L146, this one is easy.

level 148: RUN!!!

Sorry about naming 2 different levels the same thing.

level 149: THE LAST LEVEL!!!


level 150: The Really Big Bonus Level!!!

In the toggle/fireballl room, make it so that there is no toggle interference. Also, don't forget a chip in the fake walls or the ice.