This is my 3rd major CC set released. Also available on CCZone in a .zip package with more files than just the levelset, along with a feedback thread here: http://tinyurl.com/UC3feedback

highest overall scores

perfect score: 6151800
1Jeffrey Bardon6147780
2Ben Hornlitz6089870
3J.B. Lewis1221980
4Michael Warner647400
5James Anderson113360


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1514Jeffrey BardonJames Anderson  
294Ben HornlitzJ.B. Lewis  
383Ben HornlitzJeffrey Bardon85J.B. Lewis
4276Jeffrey BardonBen Hornlitz278J.B. Lewis
5346Jeffrey Bardon 359Ben Hornlitz
6265Ben HornlitzJ.B. Lewis  
7231Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
8209Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
9380Ben HornlitzJeffrey Bardon  
1043James AndersonBen Hornlitz  
11249Jeffrey Bardon 251J.B. Lewis
12339 Ben Hornlitz343Jeffrey Bardon
14190 Ben Hornlitz204Jeffrey Bardon
15234Jeffrey Bardon 236J.B. Lewis
16381 Ben Hornlitz476Jeffrey Bardon
17282Jeffrey Bardon 294Ben Hornlitz
18489Jeffrey Bardon 511J.B. Lewis
19472Jeffrey Bardon 488J.B. Lewis
21382J.B. Lewis 384Jeffrey Bardon
23181J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
24957 Ben Hornlitz959J.B. Lewis
25279Jeffrey Bardon 294J.B. Lewis
26187 Ben Hornlitz231Jeffrey Bardon
27706 Ben Hornlitz779Jeffrey Bardon
28320Michael Warner 348Jeffrey Bardon
29483 Ben Hornlitz510Jeffrey Bardon
30352Jeffrey Bardon 370Ben Hornlitz
31218 Ben Hornlitz599Jeffrey Bardon
3281Jeffrey BardonBen Hornlitz  
34373Ben HornlitzJeffrey Bardon  
35183 Ben Hornlitz205Jeffrey Bardon
3649 Ben Hornlitz62Jeffrey Bardon
37423J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
38488Jeffrey Bardon 509J.B. Lewis
39275Ben Hornlitz 280Jeffrey Bardon
40209 Ben Hornlitz222Jeffrey Bardon
41688Ben Hornlitz 691Jeffrey Bardon
42903Jeffrey Bardon 924J.B. Lewis
43320Jeffrey Bardon 346J.B. Lewis
45354 Ben Hornlitz508Jeffrey Bardon
47497 Ben Hornlitz595Jeffrey Bardon
48190Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
50530Jeffrey Bardon 531J.B. Lewis
51308Jeffrey BardonMichael Warner310J.B. Lewis
52518 Ben Hornlitz553Jeffrey Bardon
54979Michael Warner 982Jeffrey Bardon
56657Michael Warner 658J.B. Lewis
57439Ben Hornlitz 469Jeffrey Bardon
58786 Ben Hornlitz818Jeffrey Bardon
59349 Ben Hornlitz418Jeffrey Bardon
60409 Ben Hornlitz416Jeffrey Bardon
61805Jeffrey Bardon 818Ben Hornlitz
62811 Ben Hornlitz860Jeffrey Bardon
63307 Ben Hornlitz331Jeffrey Bardon
65856 Ben Hornlitz962Jeffrey Bardon
66330 Ben Hornlitz393Jeffrey Bardon
67137Jeffrey Bardon 158J.B. Lewis
68610 Ben Hornlitz706Jeffrey Bardon
6949Ben HornlitzJeffrey Bardon  
70265 Ben Hornlitz504Jeffrey Bardon
71273 Ben Hornlitz339Jeffrey Bardon
72295 Ben Hornlitz426Jeffrey Bardon
7336Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
74327 Ben Hornlitz388Jeffrey Bardon
75137 Ben Hornlitz189Jeffrey Bardon
76325Michael Warner 340Jeffrey Bardon
77514Michael Warner 527Jeffrey Bardon
78352Jeffrey Bardon 384Ben Hornlitz
79208Ben Hornlitz 224Jeffrey Bardon
80373 Ben Hornlitz459Jeffrey Bardon
8184Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
82472 Ben Hornlitz520Jeffrey Bardon
83252Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
84300Jeffrey Bardon 312Michael Warner
85640 Ben Hornlitz737Jeffrey Bardon
86311Jeffrey BardonBen Hornlitz  
87306 Ben Hornlitz453Jeffrey Bardon
8828 Ben Hornlitz42Jeffrey Bardon
89724 Ben Hornlitz785Jeffrey Bardon
90354 Ben Hornlitz391Jeffrey Bardon
91472 Ben Hornlitz710Jeffrey Bardon
93272Jeffrey Bardon 283Ben Hornlitz
94490Jeffrey Bardon 533J.B. Lewis
9553Jeffrey BardonMichael Warner  
96322 Ben Hornlitz429Jeffrey Bardon
9721 Ben Hornlitz119Jeffrey Bardon
98488 Ben Hornlitz511Jeffrey Bardon
99537Ben Hornlitz 542Jeffrey Bardon
100327 Ben Hornlitz344Jeffrey Bardon
102442Jeffrey Bardon 447Ben Hornlitz
104207 Ben Hornlitz265Jeffrey Bardon
105140 Ben Hornlitz184Jeffrey Bardon
106978 Ben Hornlitz983Jeffrey Bardon
107620 Ben Hornlitz678Jeffrey Bardon
108320 Ben Hornlitz328Jeffrey Bardon
110263 Ben Hornlitz278Jeffrey Bardon
111869J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
112842Ben Hornlitz 882Jeffrey Bardon
113808 Ben Hornlitz872Jeffrey Bardon
114838Ben Hornlitz 878Jeffrey Bardon
115808 Ben Hornlitz847Jeffrey Bardon
116838Jeffrey Bardon 852Ben Hornlitz
117701 Ben Hornlitz832Jeffrey Bardon
118746 Ben Hornlitz775Jeffrey Bardon
119820 Ben Hornlitz841Jeffrey Bardon
120888J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
121260 Ben Hornlitz327Jeffrey Bardon
12252 Ben Hornlitz60Jeffrey Bardon
123354 Ben Hornlitz461Jeffrey Bardon
125448 Ben Hornlitz507Jeffrey Bardon
12764Ben Hornlitz 91Jeffrey Bardon
128429J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
130231James AndersonMichael Warner  
131275 Ben Hornlitz397Jeffrey Bardon
132233Jeffrey Bardon 263J.B. Lewis
134249 Ben Hornlitz312Jeffrey Bardon
135895Ben Hornlitz 897Jeffrey Bardon
136484Jeffrey Bardon 492Ben Hornlitz
137428 Ben Hornlitz469Jeffrey Bardon
138239Michael Warner 247Jeffrey Bardon
139351 Ben Hornlitz360Jeffrey Bardon
140269 Ben Hornlitz333Jeffrey Bardon
142248 Ben Hornlitz473Jeffrey Bardon
143259Jeffrey BardonBen Hornlitz  
144497 Ben Hornlitz601Jeffrey Bardon
145302Jeffrey Bardon 315Ben Hornlitz
147555 Ben Hornlitz614Jeffrey Bardon
148292 Ben Hornlitz297Jeffrey Bardon
149255 Ben Hornlitz312Jeffrey Bardon
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